Posted: March 1, 2011 in Policy Governance, SOA, Turmeric

During last times, I was involved on a new OpenSource SOA platform.Turmeric, a policy-driven Open Source SOA platform .

eBayOpenSource.org is recently created to open source and host best of breed technologies that were developed originally within eBay Inc, for the benefit of the community, under a liberal open source license. These projects are generic technology projects and several years of development effort has gone into them to mature them. eBay trusts Intalio for a strong and mature partner, and as a result, today we have the first open sourced project, Turmeric.

Turmeric is a comprehensive, policy-driven SOA platform that you can use to develop, deploy, secure, run and monitor SOA services and consumers. It is a Java based platform and follows the standards (SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, XACML, etc.). Salient features include high performance, low overhead, pluggable and extensible architecture, developer friendly eclipse plug-ins, support for a variety of protocols/formats, local binding, tools for managing re-usable types, error definitions, policy administration and monitoring and many more.

I invite you to read about it, download it and of course,  feel free to fire any doubt/suggestion you have at Turmeric forum.

My Turmeric’s experiences are coming soon….


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