The TurmericSOA forecast

Posted: June 27, 2012 in eBayOpenSource, SOA, Turmeric

It’s been a while since I posted my last note over here. It is a year with changes in my work life. As you may know Ebay has decided to minimize the effort dedicated to its open source platform, at least to TurmericSOA. As a consequence, the permanent staff they had assigned to TurmericSOA were extremely downsized to 1 resource.

Although Turmeric was an open source project, and as most of the Open Source initiatives, the developers were salaried, and full time dedicated. Due to the above taken decision, the coworkers in this project , me included, have bound in looking for new horizons.

TurmericSOA is still alive, is there….in Git repo, in forums, in IRC channel, all these resources are still alive, in fact, I do my humble contributions from time to time.
Some months ago I read an article from my friend Dave talking about the rod for measuring success. I totally agree with dave that success is not popularity neither viceversa, but we can’t avoid that outside doors work is a critical leverage, letting know the industry what you can offer them, namely the project broadcast strategy. That strategy takes its time,  depending on what your product is, this “time” could extend from one month to several years, in particular if we’re dealing with open source projects. If we only consider the TurmericSOA’s “broadcast strategy time”, in my opinion is was to early to leave that project adrift the open source community, but who knows, big company decisions have been always a Pandora’s box, and naturally, there must be some upper management decision that we’ll never know.
I honestly wish the best to TurmericSOA project and off course to each of whom collaborate with us. People from Jetty, Intalio and eBay itself, WSO2, MuleSoft guys, in particular to Manuel Chinea, Dave “kingargyle” Carver, Adam Lieber, Tiago Espinha, Jan Bartel, Michael Govoroy and Sastry Mallady

see you soon….


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